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An application supporting and guiding professionals in the Operating Theatre, anywhere

Now, more than ever, OR professionals require an enhanced set of knowledge, skills, and attitudes — ScrubUp App is bridging the gap between practical and theoretical learning.


  • Marrianne McGhee , Founder of ScrubUp App; Allis Technology Pty Ltd;
  • ScrubUp App was developed due to an experience that occurred in 1998, where Marrianne was a Junior Nurse in the Operating Room;
  • ScrubUp App is a cloud-based surgical preparation tool that bridges the gap between hands-on experience and the opportunity to brush up on best practice procedures in their own time.


The idea originated from a very common experience for junior nurses:

“As a junior nurse learning the skills of the operating room, I was unaware of the pressures which surgical teams face on a daily basis. The Operating Room is an environment where there is little room for error, time is always critical.

Three months into my training, I was asked to scrub in for a very skilled, yet intimidating vascular surgeon. I was unfamiliar with these procedures.

The surgery was not going to plan, the surgeon required equipment I did not have on hand, and the patient was in critical condition. The build up of tension, and lack of required tools led the Surgeon to become verbally abusive towards me.

During this time, I maintained composure, focused on what could be done and supported both the procedure and the Surgeon to the best of my ability. At the conclusion of the procedure, I felt that I had failed.. perhaps chosen the wrong profession…

But.. the surgeon returned to the Operating Room — “Thanks, that was a tough case,” and with that, I ” wondered how I could have been better prepared. The seed for ‘ScrubUp’ had been sown!”

Allis Technology’s ScrubUp App

Marrianne McGhee has been passionate about supporting OR staff for over twenty years now, having grown professionally, as well as taking on roles such as Perioperative Nurse Educator.

Her many years of experience, and witnessing junior staff undertaking procedures they are unfamiliar with in addition to the introduction of new technology and surgical approaches prompted the development of ScrubUp App. The cloud-based software provides a platform where they can further their knowledge, prior to entering the Operating Room and undertaking procedures with a surgeon that they are unfamiliar with. Additionally, it also supports the nurses role in optimising patient safety.

ScrubUp is preloaded with surgical procedures that can be configured to work across any hospital and or network targeting operating rooms and any clinical area where a procedure is undertaken. Global and accessible on your desktop computer & smart device, it is an application that is supported by both Apple and Android. With market validation of over 20,000 downloads from operating room nurses, surgeons, surgical assistants, surgical technologists and students across 150 countries, it offers access to currently 10 surgical specialties including General, Orthopaedic, Gynaecology and Ophthalmology. ScrubUp has the ability to record reflective practice and log surgical experience. The operating room is a demanding and technical environment, aim is to make surgery safer, reduce errors and limit financial costs.

ScrubUp App is always looking for the opportunity to include additional specialties, so please feel free to reach out —

“Thank you for bringing this innovative initiative to my attention” — Hon Brad Hazzard NSW Minister for Health

“The time saved when a new member of staff joins the operating team alone would make the app worthwhile

“With this App you can take anxiety from your day by day work. Tasks can became simple even if you don’t quite understand OR tasks”

“This app is very useful and organised. I don’t have to carry my little notebook anymore”

What next?

Marrianne sees this partnership with Black Nova Group as an opportunity to gain traction alongside a dynamic company, with experience in developing and launching global mobile applications. With a background in market strategy and technology, BNG also aligns with ScrubUp’s ethos in making the world a safer place for all.

The next few months will be focused on optimising and developing the application for members, as well as seeking investor interest and commercial partners. One of our goals is to partner with a hospital to pilot the application across their cohort. We are in communication with a number of universities interested in the teaching component of the application.

We are also introducing a new feature that will highlight surgical equipment and supplies, if you are a medical company who would like to reach a global community of key influencers, please contact us, we can showcase your equipment,

Black Nova Group

Black Nova Group is a venture builder that helps companies dream, build and grow technology startups, giving them a launch pad to impact the world. To date our founding team have founded or invested in some of Australia’s most iconic startups, from Donesafe, Whispli and Ezi Debt Collection to name a few. With a core team of 25 we provide strategic advisory, software development, marketing and talent. Combined with our network of founders and investors, this has allowed us to help brilliant startups get off the ground, be heard and make their mark on the world.

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