3, 2, 1… ignition!

Posted 2018-06-25 by Alex Lennon
A rocket launching into space towards a red planet

We're immensely proud and excited to unveil the new Black Nova Group website. Months of planning has lead up to this and we have a huge year ahead with our partners.

Founded in 2012, we help entrepreneurs Dream, Build and Grow startups to reach their potential, from incubation in our Nebula program, to launch and beyond.

We provide services across Investment & VC, Advisory, Go-to-market, Legal, Software Builds and Talent Acquisition to empower the next generation of iconic companies.

Over the coming months we’ll be a familiar face at meetups and events in the startup universe. We hope to see you there so come and say hello!

Head over to the Black Nova site to discover our offering and get in contact to find out more.

Dream. Build. Grow.

Astronaut looking at phone while sitting on a ringed planet.

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