Why you should consider starting your business in Australia

Posted 2019-05-17 by Alex Lennon
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Australia is the 5th most startup friendly country in the world according to the StartupBlink ecosystem rankings report.

The report analyses tens of thousands of data points on registered startups, accelerators, co-working spaces and information from the StartupBlink community as well as sources like Crunchbase. The exciting stat however, is that Australia has jumped 6 places since the report 2 years ago.

It’s no surprise when you look at the vibrant startup community that’s thriving and growing every day, with an estimated 712 startups launched in 2018.

There are some clear benefits to launching a startup in Australia;

Quality of life

Australia is famed for its quality of life. Launching a startup is tough work, but it’s a lot easier when you consider doing it in a place with amazing weather, lifestyle, earning potential and variety.

Co-working Spaces

You’re never short of options with co-working spaces springing up everywhere. These hubs have fantastic facilities and networking opportunities which can let you concentrate on your business until you’re ready to find it a home.


The startup talent in Australia is naturally very strong, but it’s also attracting international talent. With many Skilled Workers moving to Australia to be part of the boom and experience what it has to offer, it’s complementing the home grown pool (that quality of life can be your best friend when trying to woo that international candidate as well).


With a booming startup scene, there’s a host of accelerators and incubators with different offerings. The key is finding the right partner that aligns to your vision and goals.

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You can read the StartupBlink report here

And head to our section on venture building to learn how we can help.

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