To Infinity, and beyond!

Posted 2019-07-04 by Alex Lennon
Man looking out of a rocket-shaped window showing a view of the city

After a huge first half to 2019, Black Nova have launched their first craft into the solar-system of startups in the UK. Any form of space travel takes a herculean effort, months of planning and some bravery in equal measure.

So what brought us here?

We’re heavily embedded in the Australian startup community, and will continue to support the exceptional founders we work with every day. But, just like the founders we work with, we’re ambitious and think big. We planned to be a global company from day one, and we’re now ready to land and expand in the UK. The startup space here is one of the most dynamic and high-growth economies in the world. In the first 5 months of 2019 alone, Tech startups in the UK secured £3.8 billion in funding from VCs. The UK also boasts an impressive 78 Unicorns to date and counting.

But more than that, we feel the large startup hubs (Silicon Valley, New York, London etc) soak up a lot of the spotlight. We know there’s an abundance of startups all over the UK that are changing the world. We’re looking for those hidden stars that are about to go Supernova.

We see huge potential with some of the most exciting newcomers and scaleups, and it’s an awesome time to be part of the startup community in Blighty. Over the coming months we’ll be a familiar face at events and meetups, and we’ll be announcing more updates soon.

In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about Black Nova, explore more of our website or reach out to Alex Lennon our Head of Partnerships.

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