Surviving the economic “apocalypse” & preparing for the (eventual) recovery of the stock market with Strawman — A gamified social platform for Australian Investors.
  • Andrew Page, Equities Analyst & Founder of Strawman;
  • Strawman is an online investment club that crowdsources research and recommendations from a community of private investors.
  • Members collaborate by managing Virtual Portfolios and building Company Reports. Content is then ranked according to performance and community endorsement, providing accountable and peer-reviewed investment insights.
  • Strawman is a cloud-based platform that places emphasis on experience-based learning, using a gamified simulation of the ASX.

Origin –

Andrew Page has over 18 years’ of experience in financial markets and is a regular contributor to Financial news channels, podcast and online webinars. His knowledge of the Australia Markets has given him a foundation to build a gamified platform to enable users to gain valuable investing experience, without the risk! It also provides a forum for more experienced investors to share their investing ideas and build a following.

There’s a wealth of experience and insight among the private investment community. Strawman enables investors to leverage this network to uncover new ideas, test assumptions and gain valuable real-world experience.

“A lot of people say do your own research. The problem is knowing where to start with said research. What kind of information should I be looking for and where do I find it?”

Strawman members are contributing their research on a regular basis

About the Platform –

The platform provides crowdsourced share market research and recommendations with a gamified approach. It is a member-based social and collaborative online application, that shares experiences with ASX listed companies.

With a broad range of experienced contributors, ranked by community endorsement and the performance of their virtual portfolios, it has paved the way towards bridging the gap.

The free platform lets you ‘paper-trade’ ASX listed shares and tracks their performance using real-world pricing. It gives members the opportunity to either brush up on their skills or help educate beginners.

Following registration, members of Strawman receive ‘play money’ which can be used to trade any ASX-listed shares. Strawman members each start with $100,000 in play money, which can be used to ‘buy’ any ASX-listed shares.

“The Strawman index is an innovative and useful idea generation resource and I like to monitor its constituents, and performance, over time.”Paul

Why did you choose to partner with Black Nova Group?

Andrew was initially drawn to Black Nova Group because of their Subsidiary, Experience Digital. By signing up to the BNG Nebula Program, gets access to an in-house team of leading digital experts and developers that provide state of the art digital, data, automation and systems integration technologies.

Following on from the first phase of the partnership, Andrew is looking forward to enabling growth through Strawman’s intelligent market disruption. Black Nova Groups partners and network provide an opportunity for further advancements to the platform and to the industry.

What Next?

In the coming years, the Strawman team are planning on further refining the platform. This includes introducing some exciting new features. Additionally, we’re also looking to ramp up marketing efforts to help spread the word and further expand our growing network of investors.

Importantly, we’ll be launching a premium version of the platform that will offer an enhanced user experience, and that will provide contributors with real-money awards.