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Making the leap from software engineer to CTO

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is the highest ranking IT position in every company. Both employers and entrepreneurs alike know a great CTO is the secret weapon for any team.

What makes a good CTO?

The difference between a good CTO and a great CTO is vast. In technology companies this often determines whether a new product is a success or a failure. When it comes to delivering a stunning product for customers, with a beautiful user experiences, and robust backend software, it’s the job of the CTO to put together the pieces of the puzzle and assemble their team of engineers to work symbiotically to achieve the outcome.

How to get there

A CTO needs to understand and implement new technologies to help steer the ship, and guide the team to stay relevant, innovative and up to date.

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) ensures that current applications, hardware and processes support the goals and employees of the organisation.

Professionals who want to know how to become a CTO should be ready for a lifetime of learning.

As a company grows, so must the technical infrastructure needed to support the company’s goals. A CTO is there to guide the business through the growing pains of implementing new technologies, securing data, and maintaining networks.

    1. Technology planning: The evolution of technology happens at a much faster rate than a business can implement. A CTO determines which new technologies a business should apply to its current processes to drive continued success.
    2. Customer focus: A CTO focuses on the target markets of the business and deploys IT projects to support positive customer experiences.
    3. Thought leadership: A CTO works closely with executive members, often reporting directly to the CEO. With a deep understanding of technology trends and target markets, a CTO plays a significant role in developing the corporate strategy regarding the infrastructure and capital needed to achieve business goals.

    CTOs are often expected to keep on top of digital trends, and they should also know how said trends will impact their business.

    Professionals interested in becoming CTOs usually advance to this high-level position by completing certain steps along the career path.


    Are you a software engineer interested in taking the leap to CTO?

    Next week, we’re hosting a free event with speakers from Daisee (ex Google), Avertro (ex McAfee) and Quicka (ex Spaceship), sharing their insights on what it takes to become CTO.

    We would like to extend a warm invitation to all ambitious engineers looking to take the next step in their careers.

    The event is hosted by Antler and Black Nova Group in the Sydney Startup Hub next Thursday, October 24,

    please RSVP in the link here. Seats are limited.


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