Venture building

Hello traveller, we’re Black Nova Group, your mission control for navigating the startup universe. Black Nova Group exists to harness and empower the collective energy of the startup universe.

Through our You Build, Co Build and We Build philosophies, aspiring explorers can work with our expert team on product, go to market, fundraising, talent and operations to create the next generation of start ups reaching for the stars and beyond.

Think of us like an accelerator that stays with you for as long as you need.

You build

Designed for seasoned travellers. You’ve built your spaceship, have initial customers and are ready to take on all that space has to throw at you. All you need now is your support crew to help you navigate and you want the most experienced and energised bunch to ensure you never run out of fuel.

Black Nova Group love working with Startups and Scaleups who are already well underway, whether you need advisory, help filling out your product team or some funds to keep you going, we can help.

Co build

Designed for travellers who need an expert guide. You have a great idea, an MVP or some early traction and need a co-pilot and a crew to help you get to the next stage.

Black Nova Group have the ability to inject product and development teams, help with recruiting talent, fundraising and operational support to ensure your vision is realised.

We build

Designed for new travellers. You want to get to Mars but you don’t know the path. Black Nova Group can help you take your idea and build a prototype, help with launch and then work with you to ensure your spaceship stays in the air and doesn’t burn up on re-entry.

Black Nova Group also launch their own startup and are always on the lookout for travellers without their own idea but with the curiosity and drive to take our ideas into space with us.

How does it work?

The team at Black Nova Group know start ups. We’ve all been founders and can quickly assess the condition of your spaceship and identify the best upgrades to ensure you can win the space race. Black Nova Group work on equity & cost-price services or at a commercial day rate dependant on your requirements and current state.

Step 1: The pitch

The first step is for you to pitch your business and any known gaps to one of the team. From there we will be able to determine which of our three programs you best fit into. Acceptance is not guaranteed, we only work with ambitious and curious travellers who have lofty visions to change something for the better.

Step 2: The assignment of a mission controller

Your Mission Controller is your single point of contact and your guide through the startup universe. Black Nova Group Mission Controllers are founders who have been there before and can advice on which services will be most effective in ensuring you build the most scalable and optimised start up.

Step 3: Accelerate for the length of the adventure

We partner for the long term. Think of us like an accelerator program that lasts for as long as you do. We find that the best value for you and us comes from a long term partnership where we are always on the lookout to optimise your start up for success, whether that be accessing our internal talent scouts, quality assurance over your code or assisting with fundraising; we will be there to protect our collective investment.

Mission control services

No one makes it to space solo. It takes a combined herculean effort from a wealth of backgrounds, skills and knowledge centres. Our services can be deployed exactly where you need them for exactly what you need.

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