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Who are we?

Black Nova Group helps entrepreneurs Dream, Build and Grow startups to reach their potential, from incubation in our Nebula program, to launch and beyond.

We provide services across Investment & Venture Capital, Software Builds and Talent Acquisition to empower the next generation of iconic companies.

Choose the Investment Path that's right for your business.

We support great people with great ideas, no matter what space your business operates in. Above all else, we want you to think big, change the world and build your legacy.

With 3 different Investment Paths, each designed for startups at varying stages of growth, Black Nova will add value where you need it most.

Whether you’re a first time entrepreneur or established scale up, view our offerings to learn how we can help.

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You Build

Designed for startups that have technology and product well under way. Investment you can inject into what you need.

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Co Build

A partnership between your tech, product and design teams and ours. Lean on us for expertise in areas you’re missing, whilst benefiting from more resources.

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We Build

If you have an awesome idea but need significant design and tech input from us we’ll build and handover a functioning, scalable product for you.

We’ve been part of some incredible stories so far. Here’s a selection of some of our ventures.

Discover New Talent

The startup cosmos is vast and forever changing. Learn how our Talent Acquisition offering can put together your interstellar crew so your voyage can begin.

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