About Black Nova Group


Our mission is to enable the hidden rising stars, the rough diamonds, to achieve their potential by backing founders who are building companies that will become leaders in their markets, and drive growth for years to come. We love Founders who are creating exceptional solutions to everyday problems. Problems that are a thorn in the side of progress in tech-enabled sectors.

We are passionate about the pre-seed to seed stage of the startup life-cycle. This is where the passion, innovation and energy is highest. We want you to think big, change the world and build your legacy.

Every startup is different. By giving you the levers, and understanding your core ‘Why’ and objectives, we then map our services onto your business plan to optimise your startup for success. We can work on a dedicated project basis to ensure you hit a key milestone, or as a trusted partner that’s there when you need us.


We partner with ​early stage tech startups​ who have an awesome idea and need help gaining early traction, to scale-ups that are looking for fine tuning or that extra gear.


We give you the levers, and map our services onto your business plan.

Everything is bespoke and scalable so you use what you need, for as long as you need it.



We currently partner with startups across Australia & the UK and have successfully launched 4 of our own.

We’re embedded in these startup communities, and will be in the US in the next 2 years.