About Us

Starting a business is like nothing else. It won’t be easy. It will be hard yards and challenges. It will stretch your thinking and expectations of yourself. We can promise you one thing; it will be one of the most rewarding things you’ve ever done.

This is your adventure, your story and always will be. We’re here to back you and give you all the tools, knowledge and support we can so you have confidence in every step of the journey.

You have to buy into us, as much as we buy into you. Here’s what makes us…us.


Have you ever had a dream so powerful it’s stuck with you forever?

That’s what we’re looking for. That lightbulb moment when you know what your goal is. Getting there is tough, with setbacks and stumbles. But enjoying the process and journey is paramount to how we work.

In the early stages we’re here to give as much guidance about the viability and potential of your startup, to help maximize your chances of success.


Building stars and planets takes time. All the elements have to be present under just the right conditions.

The same is true with startups. By keeping your Dream at the forefront of everything we’ll now help you put all the building blocks in place to get there.

We are engineers, writers, coders, architects, analysts, recruiters and designers. Above all this specialty and expertise we are builders. Let us build, not just because we’re good, but because we love it.


The dream is built. The idea works. The journey isn’t over, this is the exciting part. It’s time to split the atom.

A business is a collective of like minded individuals all set on one goal. We are in this with you and it’s in all our interests that you succeed.

Let’s work together to collaborate, build and grow your businesses into everything you’ve always wanted it to be.

Meet the team


David Theodorou

Managing Partner

David’s background is in Politics and the army, where his leadership traits and management philosophy were forged. David founded Black Nova Group in 2012 and has built the company up from his dad’s garage. Infectiously optimistic, design thinking and Tech are at the forefront of everything David does. He balances customer empathy with organisational goals to achieve exceptional results.


Kevin Calitz

Managing Partner

Kevin has been involved in the tech startup space since 2011, and the COO of Black Nova since 2014. His experience prior to this was in Commercial Law and Litigation. He’s accredited with multiple Masters and Bachelors in Professional Accounting, Law and Business Management. He’s been instrumental in Black Nova’s growth. You’re in safe hands when Kevin’s around.


Matthew Browne

Managing Partner

Matt is the CEO & Co-Founder of Donesafe, a market leading governance, risk and compliance platform as well as the Co-Founder of Whispli, a fast growing, secure, anonymous, two-way communication platform. He’s an advisor to a host of startups in Sydney and heavily involved in the startup community. Prior to this he held senior roles in health & safety, strategy and governance with Commonwealth Bank, Leighton Contractors, Arrium and Nine Entertainment.