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The Future is Here: OutThere App is creating a space for self-sufficient professionals to market themselves directly

With disruptors like Uber, Deliveroo and Airtasker normalising the concept of a free market system — we are seeing a boom in individuals taking on short term roles as independent workers. The ‘gig-economy’ has become the new normal, and it is time for professionals to have the ability to provide their customers and clients with direct access to their business services.

Founder and serial entrepreneur, Alex Hilton, hasn’t been one to shy away from a challenge, and this is evident in the total rebranding and impending re-launch of OutThere App.

Hilton was building his house in 2017 when he realised that skilled contractors in the construction industry were still heavily reliant on word-of-mouth marketing, and referrals. Since then, he has launched the OutThere App with a targeted mission to create a platform for all business sectors to advertise their products and services in one place, with B2C capabilities.

The application was formed based on a deep-dive research strategy, personally undertaken by Hilton, with a subsequent analysis of the pain points and struggles that freelancers, contractors and small business owners face.

Customers can access local businesses using the in-app map directory

Version 1.0 of the App currently has 70 active businesses with over 650 users looking for services. The impending launch of a totally upgraded Version 2.0 will be looking to increase awareness of digital service directory and drive app downloads in the coming months.

OutThere App 2.0

One of the biggest benefits for business and service providers will be OutThere App customers’ ability to utilise the map-based platform to reach their clients and customers through self-sufficient marketing, while maintaining their own brand image and messaging.

In the wake of the global pandemic, businesses will slowly begin to open to the public — but restrictions will still be in place. Version 2.0 of OutThere App will combat the challenges of the coronavirus, Covid-19, and its impact on the economy and small businesses through a variety of new capabilities.

Hilton’s goal of creating a customer relationship management integration into the back-end of the application offers business owners a hybrid platform that will attract both businesses and customers, as well as creating an open dialogue of communication through the instant messaging platform.

In four easy steps, a business can sign up to OutThere App and begin this alternative form of marketing and CRM. The platform will allow them to attract localised customers using geo-location integrations, manage bookings and their reputation through a strict review system. Customers will be able to find business through the easily accessible job board, or search for a business or service specifically and lock in their preferred time to meet through the application.

Whats next?

The booking system integrated into the application has never been needed more so than right now. The application will allow hospitality and service providers an automated, hands off approach to customers booking in times, or reserving their party at a hospitality venue, with ease.

OutThere App’s journey to being the most trusted business directory and marketplace for the UK’s local businesses means that “We’re supporting florists, barbers, beauticians, gyms, construction & tradespeople, car valet, pet groomers and more. The list of businesses and users is growing daily. There’s a genuine need for local businesses to be more accessible and online, and we’re passionate about enabling that.”

That’s not to say that OutThere App won’t be going international in the near future….

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